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1 12 years old at baptism McConaghy, William (I2657)
2 1563 - Purchases Hyde Manor in Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire from family of Ellis Ibgrave, deceased

1579 - His father John Webb was mayor of Reading

1581 - listed as sheriff of London (23rd year in the reign of Queen Mary)

1591 - Lord-Mayor of London, salter profession (33rd year in the reign of Queen Mary)

1592 - Knighted.

4 Jul 1599 - Died. From "The Aldermen of the City of London, Temp. Henry III.-1908" Volume 1 by Alfred Beaven Beaven.

From "Analytical index to ... the Remembrancia, preserved among the archives of the city of London [compiled by W.H. and H.C. Overall]." Corp. of Lond., libr. comm, William Henry Overall, Henry Charles Overall, 1878. "William Webbe Salter elected Alderman of Queenhithe June 6th 1581 Sheriff Lord Mayor 1591-92 removed to Cordwainer February 13th 1593 President of and Bethlem Hospitals 1594 till his death July 4th 1599 He was buried at St Dunstan's in the East He was the Son of John Webbe of Reading Berks Clothier where family was seated for many years His sister Lucy by her second marriage with William Clothier of the same town was the mother of Archbishop Laud His Wife Bennet a daughter of Sir Christopher Draper Lord Mayor 1566."

1612 - Hyde Manor sold to Lawrence Greene, grocer of London

Similar details are here: 
Webb, Sir William (I389)
3 1851 census extract reports his age as 46 which would mean born in 1805, but age on death certificate is 74 years, which suggests 1812 birth date. Shea, Bartholomew (I2541)
4 19 years old at marriage in 1874 Irwin, Elizabeth Jane (I4199)
5 A Mrs. Carleton Smithwick is listed in the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority publication The Key, Volume 69, Issue 1 from 1952 as residing in Missoula, Montana. Unable to locate more info. Smithwick, Carleton Graham (I1360)
6 Age from 1851 census extract is 40, which suggest 1811 birth. Sheehan, Hanora (I2542)
7 Ann Howard (mother?) in attendance at death. Unmarried. Hogart / Howard, Sarah / Sally Knox (I2639)
8 Anthony Wall apprenticed with Richard Smethwick in 1584 in the Drapers company. Wall, Anthony (I3372)
9 As oldest child, became heir upon death of father in 1539 Clitheroe, Robert (I3226)
10 At death, noted as a widow, Laurence Smithwick present Lane, Margaret (I3921)
11 Attended by son Daniel at death. Leahy, Margaret (I3890)
12 Baptism notes he was born "le meme jour". Roux, Edward Joseph (I3541)
13 Based on the time period, geography, and DNA evidence linking descendants of Joseph Bradshaw with those of Anna Bradshaw, we feel reasonably confident that Joseph is the child of Robert Bradshaw and Mary Dwyer. There are no source materials to support this currently. Bradshaw, Joseph (I104)
14 Became a freeman in the Drapers Livery in 1558. Master/witness was Edmund Bradshaw.

From -- could this be the same Richard from London whose will is dated 1578? 
Smethwick, Richard (I3268)
15 Believe that he was buried where he was born -- in Barthomley -- Smithwick, Robert (I385)
16 Believe this is the Robert Smethwick listed in the "Letter of attorney" here: Smethwick, Robert (I3288)
17 Believed to be a son of Robert due to geography and the mentions as a sponsor in church records. Looking for stronger tie-ins. Bradshaw, Patrick (I4725)
18 Betham's shows a will dated 10 Aug 1709 and proven 19 Aug 1710 Meredith, Charles (I5570)
19 Betham's shows a will dated 18 Nov 1685 Fortescue, Letitia (I369)
20 Birth registration spelled as "Mogee" Mogey, Catherine (I4587)
21 Birthdate is a suspicion based on marriage certificate birth date of 1836. Proposed parents are John Fitzpatrick and Mary Fenighty possibly of Coomnahorna from parish register. Fitzpatrick, Mary Ann (I3446)
22 Birthdate reported in several sources is 7 Jan 1884, but birth registration shows 16 May 1882. Shea, Honora (I897)
23 Bishop of Ferns and Leighlin Meredith, Richard (I5576)
24 Brother Robert Downes was born in 1425, at birth place, to Roger Downes and Agnes Downes (born De Hulme). Downes (I3296)
25 Burke's notes he died without issue, leaving Youghal House to his sisters. Family F204
26 Burke's reports she died unmarried. Smithwick, Annette Victoria (I573)
27 Capt. in Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Smithwick, Major Standish George (I600)
28 Cause of death - 5 years of chronic tuberculosis Bray, Catherine (I4157)
29 Cause of death is whooping cough. Howard, Sarah Ann (I2474)
30 Cause of death: scarlet fever Faller, Baruch Leib (I2024)
31 Census of 1930 notes occupation is mason. Smithwick, Vincent A. (I3186)
32 Certificate lists Nancy Boyle present at death. Stewart, Isabella (I4288)
33 Chancellor of the Exchequer Meredith, Sir Robert (I5578)
34 Clues about Adam:
* An Adam appears in Fairview, Croagh More, Ballintoy Parish during the 1803 Traill Census with father Neil (deceased), mother Jane Templeton, and sister Margaret.
* An Adam appears in 1824 tithe listing for Araboy.
* An Adam appears in 1851 Griffiths in Araboy.

McLaughlin, Adam (I2630)
35 Considering that the name Timothy shows up in multiple generations, it is possible that the father is Timothy. There are several people with names Timothy and James in Dunmanway, Cork, which is not prohibitively far from Castlecove, Kerry. McCarthy (I4864)
36 Could this be the same Mary Kate listed here? Smithwick, Mary Catherine (I1424)
37 Daughter Ellen Elliott present at death. Colgan?, Ellen (I5393)
38 Daughter Minnie present at death Shea, Denis B. (I2543)
39 Daughter of Ralph and Isabel (Leversage) Vernon of Haslington, Cheshire. Vernon, Ann (I3314)
40 Dean of Ardfert Meredith, Charles (I5581)
41 Death certificate notes that he was a bachelor and John Smithwick was present at death.  Grady, Patrick (I3000)
42 Death certificate notes that John Smithwick was present at death. Bradshaw, Joseph (I104)
43 Death certificate was registered on 8 Sep 1891. Cause of death "Asthma and heart disease, 12 months". Listed as "Army pensioner", and wife Kate was present at death. Smithwick, John (I15)
44 Died from diptheria Howard, Sarah Ann (I2474)
45 Died from diptheria Howard, Robert John (I92)
46 Died from tuberculosis Taggart, William Alexander (I4330)
47 Does not appear in either 1901 or 1911 census. Presumed deceased. McLaughlin, Rachel (I5003)
48 Drowned Smithwick, Harold Victor (I1129)
49 Edmond (Rev.), Curate of St. Mary's Kilkenny 1764-1772, Priest of St. Patrick's (with Outrath, Kilferagh and Castleinch) 2 July 1772, drowned in suspicious circumstances in Kilkenny Oct or Nov 1772, unm. [Burke's Irish Family Records] Smithwick, Rev. Edmond (I1411)
50 Eliza Boyle is a PROPOSED parent to Catherine Bray. Eliza Bray is listed as "grandmother" in daughter Catherine's son Patrick's birth registration. She is also listed as present in Sarah, David, and Mary's birth registration. Boyle?, Elizabeth (I4166)

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