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1 12 years old at baptism McConaghy, William (I2657)
2 1563 - Purchases Hyde Manor in Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire from family of Ellis Ibgrave, deceased

1579 - His father John Webb was mayor of Reading

1581 - listed as sheriff of London (23rd year in the reign of Queen Mary)

1591 - Lord-Mayor of London, salter profession (33rd year in the reign of Queen Mary)

1592 - Knighted.

4 Jul 1599 - Died. From "The Aldermen of the City of London, Temp. Henry III.-1908" Volume 1 by Alfred Beaven Beaven.

From "Analytical index to ... the Remembrancia, preserved among the archives of the city of London [compiled by W.H. and H.C. Overall]." Corp. of Lond., libr. comm, William Henry Overall, Henry Charles Overall, 1878. "William Webbe Salter elected Alderman of Queenhithe June 6th 1581 Sheriff Lord Mayor 1591-92 removed to Cordwainer February 13th 1593 President of and Bethlem Hospitals 1594 till his death July 4th 1599 He was buried at St Dunstan's in the East He was the Son of John Webbe of Reading Berks Clothier where family was seated for many years His sister Lucy by her second marriage with William Clothier of the same town was the mother of Archbishop Laud His Wife Bennet a daughter of Sir Christopher Draper Lord Mayor 1566."

1612 - Hyde Manor sold to Lawrence Greene, grocer of London

Similar details are here: 
Webb, Sir William (I389)
3 1821 - from 1871 census
1823 - from 1881 census
1823 - from 1885 workhouse admission
1827 - from 1861 census 
Connell, Maurice (I8744)
4 1851 census extract reports his age as 46 which would mean born in 1805, but age on death certificate is 74 years, which suggests 1812 birth date. Shea, Bartholomew (I2541)
5 1855 30th December (CJ). Kilkee, Alarming Accident: Lieut-Col Pepper and Miss Smithwick were in advance, when a huge wave broke over the party, saturating Col. and Mrs Fisher, and dragging off Mr. Pepper and Miss Smithwick directly into the puffin hole. No assistance could be given to the unfortunate pair, whom it was said were shortly to be united in the bonds of matrimony. --- The gentleman was for many years in the East India Company?s Service, and the lady was the grand-daughter of the late Rev. Robert Gabbett, D.D.

From the Limerick Chronicle: ? "We have the painful duty of recording a most disastrous casualty at the Puffinghole table rocks, west end of Kilkee, on Sunday last. The weather on the coast had been for a few days previously wild and stormy. The Atlantic surges were impelled against the rugged cliffs to a height seldom seen by visitors, and the foam of the angry billows floated in the air and fell inland a considerable distance. After church service on Sunday, the weather brightened up, and the wind had fallen; but there was a fearful swell on the ocean, and several persons walked towards the cliffs to enjoy the marine prospect for miles at both sides of the bay. Captain and Mrs. Fisher, Lieut. Colonel Hampden Pepper, of Lissenisky, Robert Smithwick, Esq., and Miss Smithwick, the daughter of Peter Smithwick, Esq., of Shanbally, Tipperary, formed one of the groups. They agreed to visit the Puffing Cavern, which the day after a storm usually throws up a fountain of sea water in the most fantastic fashion, and, if the sun happens to play on this romantic spectacle, the successive jets d?eau exhibit the varied hues of the rainbow, the ceaseless motion of the tide below keeping all the attractive features above in full exercise. The immediate locale of this singular object is approached by a sliding pathway from the cliff, and then about a perch of almost level granite rock direct to the cavern. Lieut. Colonel Pepper and Miss Smithwick were in advance, and the former was urging the others to move on, when a coastguard man on the cliff warned the party of the. danger of venturing out, and Captain Fisher, observing a huge wave rolling in, called out to Lieutenant Colonel Pepper to mind himself, when the sea broke on the rock with a thundering crash, saturating Captain and Mrs. Fisher, and completely overpowering Lieutenant-Colonel Pepper and Miss Smithwick, who were both dragged together by the receding swell into the shaft of the puffing hole and there disappeared, to the horror and amazement of those persons who were providentially saved from a similar fate, though dripping wet and exhausted by the violent shock. The alarm of this tragic event was promptly given; the police, fishermen and coastguards hastened to the fearful scene, but no human being dare approach the brink of the puffing hole, which had just engulphed two victims in the prime of life, and probably mutilated their bodies in a short time by the maelstrom action of the maddening waters in the massive chaldron within. The remains of the unfortunate lady and gentleman have not since been found. Part of an overcoat that Lieutenant-Colonel Pepper wore, and the sleeve of Miss Smithwick?s dress, were cast ashore in the vicinity of this awful catastrophe. Lieutenant Colonel Pepper had a large sum of money on his person when he fell a prey to the merciless element." 
Smithwick, Anne M. (I5946)
6 1867 - NC death certificate (Benj. Kurtz)
1870 - Gravestone
1871 - 1930 Census
1874 - 1920 Census
1884 - 1910 Census

POSSIBLE parent Dawid 
Kurtz, Charles H. (I6848)
7 1897 - 1910 census
1898 - 1920 census
1902 - Ellis Island Records 
Kurtz, Esther (Ester) (I6856)
8 19 years old at marriage in 1874 Irwin, Elizabeth Jane (I4199)
9 A David is listed in the census at approximately this age -- no name provided on birth registration Simpson, David? (I6260)
10 A Mrs. Carleton Smithwick is listed in the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority publication The Key, Volume 69, Issue 1 from 1952 as residing in Missoula, Montana. Unable to locate more info. Smithwick, Carleton Graham (I1360)
11 A will is found for 1776. Noted as deceased in Lucy (Dove) Porter's will.  Dobbyn, Robert (I6698)
12 According to Yad Vashem, cause of death was shooting Lowenstark, Josef (I9604)
13 Additional references from Tony Arthur:

Ennis Chronicle 3Oth Jan 1792
Dublin the 26th married Robert S Esq MD to Miss Ann Wayland dau of the late Francis Wayland of Kilmore Co. Tipp Esq

The London Medical Journal: Society of Physicians - Page 427
by Society of Physicians in London - Medical ... of the 5th regiment of dragoons, in the room of Mr. Robert Smithwick

Oft. i. Mr. Richard Fletcher to be surgeon of the 5th regiment of dragoons, in the room of Mr. Robert Smithwick.?i ^., Mr. William Wood, late furgeon of the 96th, to be furgeon of the 78th regiment of foot.? 9. Mr. John Weir to be furgeon to the troops at Jamaica.? Mr. Weft Hill to be furgeon to the troops at St. Vincent's.? n. Dr. Nicholas Paradys to be profeflbr of phyfic at Leyden.

1774 Surgeon Fifth (or Royal Irish) Dragoons 1 Jan 1774

"Late surgeon of the Waterford Militia" wedding notice of eldest daughter, Emma 13 Jan 1818. Southern Report in Ffolliott's index.

1787 Robert Smithwick published a dissertation in Edinburgh (as part of becoming a Doctor of Medicine) described as "Robertus Smithwick Hibernus". Entitled Dissertatio Medico Inauguralis de Erysipelate etc 
Smithwick, Dr. Robert (I5612)
14 Age 29 at marriage Currane, John (I8935)
15 Age 64 on arrival in New York in 1920 Seiber (Sebor), Rose or Rachel (Marya Ruchla) (I6853)
16 Age from 1851 census extract is 40, which suggest 1811 birth. Sheehan, Hanora (I2542)
17 aka Leon Kaplan Spiegelman, Leon Jacob (I6881)
18 Ann Howard (mother?) in attendance at death. Unmarried. Hogart / Howard, Sarah / Sally Knox (I2639)
19 Annie is a possible family member. Will need to order the original certificate in order to verify that she is. Crawley, Annie (I7030)
20 Anthony Wall apprenticed with Richard Smethwick in 1584 in the Drapers company. Wall, Anthony (I3372)
21 Apr 1860 - 1900 census
1862 - 1910 census
1861 - death certificate

There is a another James born to these parents and christened 24 Dec 1854, but other dates from censuses, 2nd marriage, and death all point to around 1861. This could be the same James, but names were often re-used after the death of children. 
Cantwell, James (I8659)
22 As candidates for a wife, there are a Sarah and Mary who both died in 1880 at age 90 who would fit -- see and Leaning toward Sarah since there is a daughter named Sarah. Family F2519
23 As oldest child, became heir upon death of father in 1539 Clitheroe, Robert (I3226)
24 Assuming that John was born either in Scart or Imleach na Muc or Scart, where mother Kate or father John were living, respectively. The birth was recorded in Caherciveen.

Birthdate reported in WW2 draft was 15 Apr 1898. 
McCarthy, John Joseph (I8840)
25 At death, noted as a widow, Laurence Smithwick present Lane, Margaret (I3921)
26 Attended by son Daniel at death. Leahy, Margaret (I3890)
27 Baptism notes he was born "le meme jour". Roux, Edward Joseph (I3541)
28 Based on the time period, geography, and DNA evidence linking descendants of Joseph Bradshaw with those of Anna Bradshaw, we feel reasonably confident that Joseph is the child of Robert Bradshaw and Mary Dwyer. There are no source materials to support this currently. Bradshaw, Joseph (I104)
29 Basing estimate of birth on his admission to Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland as a Fellow Commoner in 1609 -- typical age range is 16-20. Meredith, Sir Thomas (I370)
30 Became a freeman in the Drapers Livery in 1558. Master/witness was Edmund Bradshaw.

From -- could this be the same Richard from London whose will is dated 1578? 
Smethwick, Richard (I3268)
31 Before 1894 -- Patrick's marriage Murray, Thomas (I8125)
32 Believe that he was buried where he was born -- in Barthomley --

In 1593, the Haberdashers' Livery Company records that Robert Smithwick, embroider and freeman of Abbots Langley Co. Hertford, has taken on an apprentice John Parre (
City Of London, Haberdashers, Apprentices And Freemen 1526-1933 - FindMyPast) 
Smithwick, Robert (I385)
33 Believe this is the Robert Smethwick listed in the "Letter of attorney" here: Smethwick, Robert (I3288)
34 Believed to be a son of Robert due to geography and the mentions as a sponsor in church records. Looking for stronger tie-ins. Bradshaw, Patrick (I4725)
35 Believed to be the daughter of Uszer and Rachel (Ernst) Weinreb based on town, age, and a daughter named for Gitel, an apparent sister. Weinreb, Rachel (Ruchel) (I2015)
36 Believed to be the same Percy Dobbyn ordained a Deacon at Cloyne 23 Sep 1728  Dobbyn, Rev. Pierce (I6711)
37 Believed to be the son of Michael Smithwick of Mount Catherine (, but the research remains inconclusive.

What has been found to support the connection:
* There are several deeds involving the Smithwick family of Mount Catherine, including: deed 701/597/481082 - 1814 marraige settlement; 825/442/555377 Smithwick to Smithwick 25 March 1821 land lease; deed 881/78/584078 24 Feb 1832 marriage settlement; deed 820/513/552449 24 Feb 1823 land lease
* Henry had financial problems, including bankruptcy -- cause unknown
* Henry Smithwick was identified as protestant, but his children intermarried with Catholics, which suggests his wife Anne Hogan was Catholic. 
Smithwick, Henry (I705)
38 Betham's shows a will dated 10 Aug 1709 and proven 19 Aug 1710 Meredith, Charles (I5570)
39 Betham's shows a will dated 18 Nov 1685 Fortescue, Letitia (I369)
40 Birth date derived from death registration Howard, Jane (I7986)
41 Birth registration lists James Alexander Castles, William Alexander (I7873)
42 Birth registration spelled as "Mogee" Mogey, Catherine (I4587)
43 Birthdate is a suspicion based on marriage certificate birth date of 1836. Proposed parents are John Fitzpatrick and Mary Fenighty possibly of Coomnahorna from parish register. Fitzpatrick, Mary Ann (I3446)
44 Birthdate reported in several sources is 7 Jan 1884, but birth registration shows 16 May 1882. Shea, Honora (I897)
45 Bishop of Ferns and Leighlin Meredith, Richard (I5576)
46 Born as: Szejny Izielki Izielki, Goldie (I6886)
47 Born Patrick Finucane - no father listed in registration Crawley, Patrick (I8077)
48 Brother Robert Downes was born in 1425, at birth place, to Roger Downes and Agnes Downes (born De Hulme). Downes (I3296)
49 Brother-in-law Dennis Brown is a sponsor. Boyle, Peter (I4720)
50 Burke's notes a William is listed in the 1715 Commission of the Peace. Smithwick, William? (I1826)

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