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Will of Benedicta (Draper) Webb

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  • Short Title Will of Benedicta (Draper) Webb 
    Source ID S50 
    Text Dame Benett widow of Sir William Webb sometime mayor and alderman of London, 14 January 1602 with a codicil bearing date 30 June 1604 proved 9 July 1604. To be buried in St Dunstan's in the East near late husband. To my grandchild William Webb at one and twenty. The companies of Salters and Ironmongers. The poor children in Christ's Hospital. St Thomas Hospital, Southwark, St Bartholomews. The Hospital called Bethelem alt Bedlem without Bishopsgate Street, London. Bridewell, Newgate, Ludgate and the two "Compters" viz that in the Poultry and that in Wood Street. The Marshall and the White Lyon in Southwark. Children of cousin Meade, the wife of Edward Meade. Edward Meade, the son. My godson Laurence Greene son of Laurence Greene of Walbrooke. Every other of his children. My cousin Humfrey Bigges and John Bigges his son. My cousin Robert Smithwicke the younger and his children. My god daughters Benett Brickett, Benett Holt, and Benett Wright. Johanne Meade wife of Edward Meade. Richard Bye the Grecian. My cousin Francis Svvifte the wife of Richard Swyfte of Essex and her eldest daughter. Robert Bye of Watling Street that was decayed. The eldest son of my cousin Edward Gamon. The children of my cousin Bowles. The poor of Abbotts Langley where my own dwelling house standeth. Every the children male of Thomas Greene my cousin upon London Bridge. Every of the children of my cousin Gyles of Bosworthe which he had by his first wife. Every of the children of my cousin Elizabeth Gyles now wife unto my cousin Bouswell. Sence Glover the daughter of Thomas Glover at day of her marriage. Her sisters.

    Item - I give to my cousin Elliotte's children forty shillings apiece. My cousin Bartholomew Wormell the elder and his son Bartholomew. The children of John Wormell. The daughter of Edward Daniell at her day of marriage. My cousin Sterrell of the Temple. My cousin Christofer Clytherowe. Every of the children of my cousin Richard Swifte of Essex. Uncle Lawrence Greene's youngest son Thomas. Eliz the grand child of my brother Gardiner. The father and mother of the said Elizabeth. John Billingsley son of Sir Henry Billingslie which John was begotten of the body of Katherine his late wife. The wives of my cousin Russell and my cousin Gamon. My cousin Clitherowe of Watford's daughter Dorothy Clitherowe. Cousin Thomas Clitherowe of Watford. My cousin Woodcock's children (sister to my cousin Scales). My aunt Toralynson. My cousin Lawrence Greene's wife Margaret. Benjamin Clytherowe son of Thomas Clytherowe of Langley. Sara Bigges wife of Humfrey Bigges. Mr Dr Ashbold. Mrs Cooper. Mrs Ashbold's sister. Uncle Robert Greene and William Scales his son in law. Richard Symes my godson at sixteen and every other of the children of my cousin Anne Symes which were living at the death of Sir William Webb my late husband. My cousin Alice Reeve daughter of John Webbe that dwelt at Reading. The two daughters of William Hawley which he had by Bennett his wife. My cousin Holdford. Christofer Webb the younger son of Roger Webb. Roger Webb the son of John Webb the elder who died in Reading. The children of Clement Draper. Legacies given to them by the will of Elizabeth Robinson late of St Dunstan's in the East unto whom I was executrix. Thomas and Robert children of John Draper. My sister Billingsley. Cousin Margaret wife of William Scales. Elizabeth Bartlett and John Bartlett her son. My cousin Thomas Chauncye als Gyles. The children of William Bowles my cousin that were living at the time of the death of my late husband. The children of my cousin Holt so living &c. William Lawde my sister Lawde's son. Elizabeth Badger the grandchild of my brother Gardiner. My cousin Robert, second son of John Draper. Mr Thomas Thomlinson citizen and skinner. The children of cousin John Wright of Wrightsbridge in Essex. Dixy Clitherowe second son of Thomas Clitherowe of Abbott's Langley, Herts. Anne Offley daughter of my cousin Cletherowe. Cousin Benjamin Ibgrave and his brother William Ibgrave. Cousin Tomasine Brewster. Cousin Rowland Slefford. Robert Mott, bellfounder to cast a bell for St Marys Reading. 
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