Smithwick Genealogy

Dedicated to bringing together the greater Smithwick family

New York, NY, US



Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cohen, Melville Stanley  24 Mar 1929New York, NY, US I2040
2 Devine, Rosanna  5 Oct 1913New York, NY, US I3485
3 Devine, Sally Rosemary  30 Jul 1914New York, NY, US I3487
4 Goldman, Arnold  Abt 1931New York, NY, US I2037
5 Goldman, Evelyn Sidney  11 Mar 1928New York, NY, US I2036
6 Goldman, Morris William  10 Oct 1908New York, NY, US I1963
7 Goldman, Selma  22 Jan 1938New York, NY, US I2038
8 Goldman, Shirley  Abt 1926New York, NY, US I2035
9 Kressel, Frieda  17 Jan 1911New York, NY, US I2849
10 Popeil, Lillian  14 Aug 1898New York, NY, US I2034
11 Rutchik, Beatrice  31 Oct 1906New York, NY, US I1973
12 Telmar, Bessie  22 Jan 1898New York, NY, US I43
13 Telmar, Jonas  1 Nov 1901New York, NY, US I2828
14 Telmar, Louis  25 Dec 1904New York, NY, US I1972
15 Telmer, (Jacob) Jack  7 Oct 1910New York, NY, US I2832
16 Telmer, Arthur D.  22 Jan 1916New York, NY, US I2848
17 Telmer, Louise  29 Nov 1924New York, NY, US I2857


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (Teterkofsky) Telmer, Meyer  21 Jun 1960New York, NY, US I2845
2 Bublitzsky, Sheila  5 Aug 2011New York, NY, US I2840
3 Devine, Rosanna  7 Oct 1913New York, NY, US I3485
4 Egan, Mary R.  28 Feb 1990New York, NY, US I126
5 Goldman, Samuel  Abt 1946New York, NY, US I1982
6 Hogan, Francis Smithwick  2 Apr 1974New York, NY, US I123
7 Olsen, Sigard T.  1963New York, NY, US I3572


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 (Teterkofsky) Telmar, (Moses) Morris  12 Jan 1892New York, NY, US I1967
2 (Teterkofsky) Telmar, (Moses) Morris  23 Mar 1925New York, NY, US I1967
3 (Teterkofsky) Telmer, Meyer  12 Jan 1892New York, NY, US I2845
4 Bradshaw, Catherine  2 Sep 1896New York, NY, US I32
5 Devine, Elizabeth E.  6 May 1898New York, NY, US I3465
6 Devine, John  6 May 1898New York, NY, US I3462
7 Ernst, Joseph (Jozef)  10 Nov 1954New York, NY, US I2014
8 Faller, Genie (Gittel)  1929New York, NY, US I1988
9 Faller, Regina (Rivkah)  10 Nov 1954New York, NY, US I2011
10 Frewen/Fruin, Sarah  20 Apr 1895New York, NY, US I177
11 Goldman, Bertha  Sep 1913New York, NY, US I2023
12 Greenspan, Morris William  1929New York, NY, US I1990
13 Hickey, Margaret  1850New York, NY, US I1778
14 McConaghie, Isabella  15 Apr 1901New York, NY, US I96
15 McConaghy, Hill  23 Feb 1913New York, NY, US I2658
16 McConaghy, William  29 May 1893New York, NY, US I2657
17 Meltzer, Joseph  24 Nov 1913New York, NY, US I2062
18 Rennie, John Duncan  30 Jun 1913New York, NY, US I2502
19 Rennie, William Duncan  30 Jun 1913New York, NY, US I2499
20 Russell, Mary  1869New York, NY, US I1909
21 Schwartz, (Liebe) Libbie  12 Jan 1892New York, NY, US I2844
22 Smithwick, Bridget  1854New York, NY, US I1786
23 Smithwick, Christine Francis  1869New York, NY, US I1910
24 Smithwick, Edward or Edmund J.  1869New York, NY, US I1911
25 Smithwick, Florence Roberta  15 Sep 1905New York, NY, US I1338
26 Smithwick, Hanora  1869New York, NY, US I1912
27 Smithwick, John  27 Aug 1852New York, NY, US I1779
28 Smithwick, John  1869New York, NY, US I1908
29 Smithwick, John Joseph  6 Jul 1893New York, NY, US I117
30 Smithwick, Joseph Peter  2 Sep 1896New York, NY, US I116
31 Smithwick, Margaret  1854New York, NY, US I1781
32 Smithwick, Mary  1854New York, NY, US I1780
33 Smithwick, Michael P.  1854New York, NY, US I1782
34 Smithwick, Robert C.  15 Jun 1894New York, NY, US I14
35 Smithwick, Thomas W.  1854New York, NY, US I1754
36 Smithwick, William  1850New York, NY, US I1777
37 Taggart, Margaret Jane  3 May 1908New York, NY, US I4202
38 Taggart, Thomas  20 Jan 1930New York, NY, US I4372
39 Thompson, Mary "Minnie"  30 Jun 1913New York, NY, US I2484
40 Thompson, Thomas  6 Apr 1923New York, NY, US I2483
41 Warshaw, Abraham  24 Nov 1952New York, NY, US I2143


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Taggart, Thomas  9 Sep 1946New York, NY, US I4372


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Burg / Telmer  2 Feb 1946New York, NY, US F976
2 Ershowsky / Telmar  18 Jul 1925New York, NY, US F975
3 McLean / Devine  15 Aug 1897New York, NY, US F1157
4 Meehan / Devine  9 Oct 1941New York, NY, US F1163
5 Telmer / Oshman  30 Jan 1942New York, NY, US F974