Smithwick Genealogy

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Quebec, CA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cote, Ernest Pierre  Apr 1907Quebec, CA I2703
2 Cote, Hector Adrian  1881Quebec, CA I2699
3 Cote, Joseph Adelard  Abt 1913Quebec, CA I2704
4 Cote, Marie Alice  Jan 1911Quebec, CA I2723
5 Cote, Regina Marie  Dec 1905Quebec, CA I2702
6 Cote, Yvonne Marie  Jul 1904Quebec, CA I2719
7 Hémond, Joseph  1 Mar 1886Quebec, CA I48
8 Nadeau, Celina  Abt 1880Quebec, CA I41
9 Nadeau, Marie Exina  Abt 1883Quebec, CA I42
10 Nadeau, Olivine  30 Nov 1877Quebec, CA I40
11 Nadeau, Wilfred  18 Apr 1889Quebec, CA I45
12 Turgeon, Sister Bernadette  Abt 1913Quebec, CA I2740
13 Turgeon, Charles Edward  Abt 1916Quebec, CA I2735
14 Turgeon, Edmond Joseph  19 Apr 1880Quebec, CA I2586
15 Turgeon, Girard  Abt 1908Quebec, CA I2739
16 Turgeon, Henry D.  29 Jul 1906Quebec, CA I2738
17 Turgeon, Joseph  Abt 1906Quebec, CA I2737