Smithwick Genealogy

Dedicated to bringing together the greater Smithwick family

New Albany, IN, US



Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dieckmann, George W.  Mar 1860New Albany, IN, US I1850
2 Petery, Mary Imogene  Mar 1853New Albany, IN, US I1840
3 Smithwick, Alvin  1852New Albany, IN, US I1842
4 Smithwick, Ella I.  Jun 1862New Albany, IN, US I1837
5 Smithwick, Emma Emelia  11 Oct 1849New Albany, IN, US I1838
6 Smithwick, James Oliver  1856New Albany, IN, US I1855
7 Smithwick, Katherine  1860New Albany, IN, US I1848
8 Smithwick, Margaret Leota  17 Mar 1858New Albany, IN, US I1830
9 Smithwick, Mary Ann  1853New Albany, IN, US I1839
10 Smithwick, Oliver  1856New Albany, IN, US I1847
11 Smithwick, Ray  1867New Albany, IN, US I1856
12 Smithwick, William Henry  Oct 1854New Albany, IN, US I1846
13 Spence, George W.  1845New Albany, IN, US I1844
14 Spence, Mayme A.  30 Oct 1873New Albany, IN, US I1861
15 Spence, Nettie I.  9 Jan 1872New Albany, IN, US I1860
16 Stewart, Homer Harland  25 Jul 1892New Albany, IN, US I1828


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dieckmann, George W.  18 Jun 1905New Albany, IN, US I1850
2 Harland, Johanna Leota  11 Dec 1911New Albany, IN, US I1835
3 Hatchett, Katherine  20 Mar 1886New Albany, IN, US I1852
4 Kern, Jefferson Davis  8 May 1931New Albany, IN, US I1849
5 McNeff, James Willard  19 Aug 1935New Albany, IN, US I1843
6 Petery, Mary Imogene  7 Oct 1918New Albany, IN, US I1840
7 Smithwick, Alvin  Sep 1853New Albany, IN, US I1842
8 Smithwick, Ella I.  18 Sep 1942New Albany, IN, US I1837
9 Smithwick, Emma Emelia  27 Aug 1936New Albany, IN, US I1838
10 Smithwick, Mary Ann  31 Dec 1914New Albany, IN, US I1839
11 Smithwick, Oliver  1860New Albany, IN, US I1847
12 Smithwick, Ray  19 Sep 1894New Albany, IN, US I1856
13 Smithwick, Thomas  24 Apr 1926New Albany, IN, US I1836
14 Smithwick, William  14 Apr 1891New Albany, IN, US I1834
15 Smithwick, William Henry  Oct 1854New Albany, IN, US I1846
16 Spence, George W.  21 Oct 1875New Albany, IN, US I1844
17 Spence, Nettie I.  22 Jan 1892New Albany, IN, US I1860


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dieckmann / Smithwick  11 Dec 1884New Albany, IN, US F637
2 Hook / Spence  25 Mar 1896New Albany, IN, US F640
3 Jocelyn / Smithwick  21 Oct 1880New Albany, IN, US F635
4 Kern / Smithwick  16 Jun 1887New Albany, IN, US F636
5 McNeff / Smithwick  17 Jun 1880New Albany, IN, US F633
6 Smithwick / Petery  25 May 1880New Albany, IN, US F631