Smithwick Genealogy

Dedicated to bringing together the greater Smithwick family

Bristol, CT, US



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cianchetti, Bernard J.  30 Mar 1942Bristol, CT, US I2403
2 Couture, Francois N.  9 May 1912Bristol, CT, US I161
3 Grennan, Ann Ellen  14 Mar 1903Bristol, CT, US I2752
4 Grennan, Delia M.  4 Jun 1901Bristol, CT, US I2756
5 Grennan, Mary Catherine  16 Jun 1899Bristol, CT, US I2753
6 Grennan, Michael Joseph  30 Jun 1898Bristol, CT, US I2754
7 Grennan, Paul Francis  9 Sep 1930Bristol, CT, US I2772
8 Grennan, William Thomas  17 May 1906Bristol, CT, US I2567
9 Hogan, Martha Camille  26 Aug 1903Bristol, CT, US I124
10 Lewis, Eli  Bristol, CT, US I2340
11 Smithwick, Bernice Constance  30 Jul 1917Bristol, CT, US I160
12 Towne, Frank W.  Abt 1908Bristol, CT, US I2373
13 Welton, Rebecca Mary  25 Jun 1920Bristol, CT, US I213
14 Welton, Robert Post  14 Aug 1883Bristol, CT, US I211


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Grennan, Ann Ellen  22 Mar 1903Bristol, CT, US I2752


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bradshaw, Catherine  24 May 1915Bristol, CT, US I32
2 Cianchetti, Bernard J.  25 Jan 2006Bristol, CT, US I2403
3 Cook, Gertrude  18 Dec 1980Bristol, CT, US I2755
4 FitzSimmons, Josephine M.  23 Jul 1955Bristol, CT, US I159
5 Galvin, Mary Ellen  3 Feb 1951Bristol, CT, US I2560
6 Grennan, Delia M.  13 Oct 1987Bristol, CT, US I2756
7 Grennan, John Patrick  12 Dec 1965Bristol, CT, US I2566
8 Grennan, Mary Catherine  21 Mar 1900Bristol, CT, US I2753
9 Grennan, Michael Joseph  13 Sep 1926Bristol, CT, US I2561
10 Grennan, Michael Joseph  19 May 1989Bristol, CT, US I2754
11 Grennan, Paul Francis  30 Jan 2010Bristol, CT, US I2772
12 Grennan, William Thomas  1953Bristol, CT, US I2567
13 Howard, Sarah S.  Aug 1980Bristol, CT, US I95
14 Nadeau, Olivine  21 May 1917Bristol, CT, US I40
15 Packer, Carol L.  24 Apr 2006Bristol, CT, US I2401
16 Smith, Caroline  12 Oct 1957Bristol, CT, US I953
17 Smithwick, Margaret C.  13 Mar 1905Bristol, CT, US I111
18 Smithwick, William Francis  15 Nov 1945Bristol, CT, US I118
19 Towne, John  10 Sep 2000Bristol, CT, US I2385
20 Turgeon, Antoinette Mary  4 Sep 2005Bristol, CT, US I2734
21 Zinner, Pauline E.  21 Mar 1931Bristol, CT, US I2773


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cianchetti / Packer  26 Aug 1972Bristol, CT, US F835