Smithwick Genealogy

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Bethlehem, CT, US



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Howard, Alice Marion  Abt 1909Bethlehem, CT, US I98
2 Howard, Anna E.  5 Apr 1903Bethlehem, CT, US I99
3 Howard, Marguerite  1907Bethlehem, CT, US I97
4 Howard, Stewart Thompson  10 Dec 1912Bethlehem, CT, US I33
5 Howard, Walter William  28 Aug 1915Bethlehem, CT, US I100
6 Munson, Helen  30 Jun 1934Bethlehem, CT, US I5719
7 Munson, Kenneth T.  11 Feb 1932Bethlehem, CT, US I5718
8 Munson, Richard S.  20 Apr 1924Bethlehem, CT, US I5714
9 Munson, Ruth  1 Aug 1928Bethlehem, CT, US I5716
10 Munson, William  24 Jul 1925Bethlehem, CT, US I5715
11 Murphy, Caroline Isabel  23 Aug 1922Bethlehem, CT, US I626


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Howard, James  21 Sep 1935Bethlehem, CT, US I86
2 Howard, William  22 Dec 1930Bethlehem, CT, US I90
3 Thompson, Anne Jane  4 Dec 1958Bethlehem, CT, US I87


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Howard, Alice Marion  21 Apr 1910Bethlehem, CT, US I98
2 Howard, Alice Marion  1920Bethlehem, CT, US I98
3 Howard, Anna E.  21 Apr 1910Bethlehem, CT, US I99
4 Howard, Marguerite  21 Apr 1910Bethlehem, CT, US I97
5 Howard, Marguerite  1920Bethlehem, CT, US I97
6 Howard, Marguerite  1920Bethlehem, CT, US I97
7 Howard, Samuel Simpson  21 Apr 1910Bethlehem, CT, US I94
8 Howard, Sarah S.  21 Apr 1910Bethlehem, CT, US I95
9 Howard, Walter William  1920Bethlehem, CT, US I100
10 Howard, Walter William  1930Bethlehem, CT, US I100
11 Howard, Walter William  18 Apr 1940Bethlehem, CT, US I100
12 Howard, William  21 Apr 1910Bethlehem, CT, US I90
13 Howard, William  1920Bethlehem, CT, US I90
14 Howard, William  1930Bethlehem, CT, US I90
15 Hunt, Dorothy Mae  1930Bethlehem, CT, US I635
16 Hunt, Dorothy Mae  18 Apr 1940Bethlehem, CT, US I635
17 McConaghie, Isabella  21 Apr 1910Bethlehem, CT, US I96
18 McConaghie, Isabella  1920Bethlehem, CT, US I96
19 McConaghie, Isabella  1930Bethlehem, CT, US I96
20 McConaghie, Isabella  18 Apr 1940Bethlehem, CT, US I96


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Rich / Howard  20 Apr 1935Bethlehem, CT, US F233